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Bradley County Teen Dies of Apparent Drug Overdose

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WRCB) - A Bradley County teen is dead after the sheriff's department says he and his friend ingested someone else's prescription medication.  Fourteen year old Jonathan Tucker was pronounced dead at Skyridge Medical just before 9:00 am Wednesday. Emergency dispatch records show the teens took Methadone, a prescription used for recovering heroin addicts or those dealing with chronic pain.

Narcotics like Methadone are becoming increasingly popular among teens as a way to get high, but what teens don't realize is that patients prescribed Methadone start with a very low dosage and then build up. If taken without that process, the drug can be deadly. "Such an epidemic, wish we could get the word out to teens that they cannot experiment with drugs that can cause death after one dose," says pharmacist Jaime Threadgill. "The drug automatically works inside the brain in the autonomic nervous system, it actually stops the impulse we normally have to keep breathing," she adds.

The other teen has been released from Skyridge Medical and is expected to make a full recovery.


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