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Forever Family


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The inventor's clubhouse is the perfect place for James. "I like to just make anything put my mind together and build stuff out of my mind."

His creativity shows in a wide range of interests. In school, favorites are science and social studies but he's also quite athletic. He's played several sports right now soccer is among his favorites.

And James likes to help people. His quick reaction saved an elderly disabled woman. He heard he scream and ran to help "when I got to the house I heard where it was coming from a lady had fell off a ladder."

She asked James to call her sister but he knew to call 911 first. "The chief of police there came and gave me and award at school."

Others who know James say he is a good hearted loving child. He wants to be accepted and they say James is resilient. That he embodies a spirit of hope like no other.

He say he wants a Forever Family real quick.

"Cause I don't like being moved around from place to place."

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