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Forever Family

Tommy Lee

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Children who've experienced life in foster homes crave stability.

The adoptable boy we meet in this segment is ready for a Forever Family.

Tommy Lee says "I'd do anything to get a family. I pretty much do a lot of praying every night... Just to get a family. I've been waiting a long time."

The 14 year old boy loves football , especially playing the position of quarterback. Tommy is a loving and caring and sensitive young man. He loves to please others and desperately wants a family.

He was really excited to take part in our Forever Family segment...

"I just couldn't wait.. .Do what I could to get a family, cause I've been waiting about 3 to 4 years a family that really cares for me."

For more information about any adoptable child, call ---- in Chattanooga.

Or contact the Department of Children's Services in any Tennessee county.

You can find those numbers on this web page under Forever Family contacts.

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