We begin a new series here on Channel 3 Eyewitness News. We want to help children find homes, not temporary foster homes but forever families.

Here in the Tennessee Valley alone, dozens of children are waiting, hoping and praying they'll be able to find that family.

Each week we'll introduce you to a child who needs a family.

But first, meet a couple whose been richly blessed by their choice to adopt.

Wanda Montgomery says, "at the first beginning we always said we wanted to have two and adopt two. So now I say God has a sense of humor because not only have two, we have five. God blessed us with five additional for our family. "

Wade Montgomery adds, "We've always loved kids I guess that's why we have five now."

You heard that right. Wanda and Wade Montgomery have two grown children and now five at home, ranging in age from 13 to 5.

They first adopted Erica and Juanita about six years ago.

"It's good because we probably wouldn't have made it if we hadn't been taken out of foster homes. To walk into a house with loving parents. That's fun"

And it wasn't long before it more fun was added. This time a baby boy.

Wade says, "It was supposed to be an emergency short placement. I walked in the door they put him in my arms and I looked at him and he grabbed my finger. He was 3 months old then; he's 5 now."

This is 5-year-old Christian and he had two siblings: E-J and Ashley.

The sudden change of adding five children to a family in just a couple of years is more than most of us can imagine. But Wanda says their faith and family are their support system.

She says, "Not only do we have our church, we have grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins. We are the true meaning of family."

Becoming a family took work and a plan. Wanda says, "The case workers told us structure will change everything around. I was amazed the time it took for turnaround to begin because of structure bedtimes, mealtimes."

Wanda and Wade hope other families will consider opening their homes to adoption to give what a child needs most.

Wade says, "That's the main point a kid wants love. If you show them love everything else falls into place."

Wanda says, "It's just being able to say I did my best gave you all I had to give. If you abide by our guidelines, the sky's the limit and there's nothing that your dad and I won't do."