For four days Stuart Davey searched alongside first responders hoping to find his dad, Cpt. Frank Davey and his plane.

Early Thursday evening that search ended when crews found the wreckage.

Now, Stuart is remembering his father and the incredible life he lived.

"Usually when I'm calling him, down at the hanger, down at the hanger, down at the hanger,” Stuart Davey recalled about conversations with his dad. “He loved that plane. He was very meticulous."

As a military member and a civilian, Frank Davey had a passion for flying, and he loved his Bellanca 17-30 A aircraft.

"I got to go on many a flights with him and enjoy those moments of flight time with him," said Stuart.

Flying was a passion he shared with his father, son, and grandson.

"He always had a love,” Stuart said. “(He) always wanted to fly, always wanted to fly."

But Frank Davey was more than a pilot. He was a family man, husband, father, and grandfather, a veteran, and teacher.

"I knew a lot of people liked him,” Stuart said, “But to hear the love pouring in for him it makes me proud. I'm definitely proud of my father."

Stuart said his dad never missed an opportunity to teach him or others something, and it's little moments like that he will remember forever.

"That's the stuff that you remember, that's the stuff you remember you know,” Stuart said, “I remember him just teaching me all the things.”

Frank Davey's childhood best friend and family friend, Richard Cox, said the past few days have been the hardest for them because they didn't know what would happen next.

They're happy to finally have some closure.

"Not knowing at night, I couldn't sleep. I'd wake up thinking about Frank” Cox said. “I think tonight's going to be the first night I'm going to be able to sleep all week because we have some resolution."

Friends and family also wanted to thank all of the first responders. They said crews were with them and keeping them updated throughout the entire process.