WRCB is no longer on DISH Network. We had hoped to avoid this situation; however, our negotiations with DISH have been unsuccessful. WRCB is only asking for a fair price that is similar to other providers.

We know that you, as a DISH customer, are frustrated with this situation. Unfortunately, when we are involved in a business situation like this, it impacts you. That part is very difficult for us because that is the last thing we want to happen. We want our programming to be there for you; and, it’s not. For that, we apologize.

Until this dispute is resolved, DISH customers will not be able to watch our award-winning local news, weather, and sports programming. DISH Customers will also miss popular NBC programming such as the NFL Playoffs, This is Us, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and many more.

WRCB and its programming continue to be available on DIRECTV, EPB, Comcast, Charter Spectrum and all other cable and OTT services.

WRCB is owned by a small, family-owned company. Our station cannot be bullied into a bad business decision just because DISH, a multi-billion-dollar company, is pressuring us to do so. It would be wrong for our station, and it would be wrong for our viewers, as it would impact our ability to provide the local news and sports, severe weather coverage and all our network shows that you have come to expect from our station. The fees we receive from our distributors are shared with NBC Network and help us pay for these programming costs and the salaries we pay our employees that live right here in our community.

Please know that we would end this impasse today if DISH would get reasonable with its demands, but so far, they have failed to do so. As a result, this impasse could continue for some time.


What is this all about?

A federal law first enacted in 1992 allows television stations to negotiate the terms of carriage, including compensation, from multichannel video programming distributors such as DISH Network. WRCB and DISH were in the process of negotiating a renewal of the agreement that grants DISH the right to carry the station. That agreement expired earlier last year, and WRCB offered DISH multiple extensions to attempt to complete a new deal. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to move forward with DISH, little progress was made.

Why can’t you reach an agreement?

DISH has refused to negotiate appropriate market value retransmission compensation for WRCB. DISH believes that it should pay far less than every other video provider for our highly rated and award-winning news, weather coverage, and NBC network programming such as The Today Show, NFL Football, This is Us, The Voice and America’s Got Talent.

Why should DISH have to pay to carry television stations that are available for free over the air?

WRCB is available over the air for free to our viewers, but our signal is not free to subscriber-based services such as DISH Network that repackage our signals and sell them to their subscribers at a profit. In fact, the law requires DISH Network to obtain a retransmission consent agreement to carry our station and to negotiate in good faith with us in exchange for granting our consent.

Are these disputes common with DISH?

Unfortunately, yes. Over the past several years, DISH has had disputes with hundreds of local television stations. Even right now, DISH is in multiple disputes with other local stations in other areas. Many of the stations are small, family-owned broadcasters like ourselves. While the length of these disputes has varied, DISH has had some disputes that have lasted for months.

How can I find your station?

WRCB continues to be available over the air with an antenna and is also available on all other multichannel video programming distributors in the area, including DIRECTV, Comcast, EPB, Charter Spectrum, and AT&T U-verse.

What can I do to help get WRCB back on DISH?

The best thing you can do is to let DISH Network know how much you value WRCB and that they need to keep local channels like WRCB on their system to retain you as a customer. DISH Network can be reached at (800) 333-3474.

Can I contact WRCB?

Yes, of course. We encourage our viewers to give us input and allow us to answer your questions. Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for holidays. If we are not here, leave a message and we will call you back. Our office number is 423-267-5412. We look forward to talking with any DISH subscriber one-on-one and sharing our side of the story.