One student at Apison Elementary School had a huge surprise this week when he received a letter from the White House.

Parker Norman sent a letter to President Trump last spring for a project in his second-grade class for the book Flat Stanley.

Now, in third grade, Parker received his reply letter this week from the president and is ecstatic.

“It like amazed me. Like I was in second grade when I did it, and I moved on to third grade. They opened the door and said your Flat Stanley came back, and I ran up there," Norman said.

Flat Stanley is a book about a little boy named Stanley who was flattened by a bulletin board. Instead of being sad, Stanley uses his new flat body to go on amazing adventures like being flown as a kite.

Each spring, the Apison second graders read the book, color their own Flat Stanley, and send him in letters to family and friends to see Stanley going on a new adventure. Parker decided to send his Stanley letter to President Trump.

“Well, my brother sent his to President Obama, and I thought it would be cool, and his came back, so I thought it would be cool if mine came back.  And, we would have two for two,” Norman said.

Scarlet Hardy, Norman’s second-grade teacher at Apison Elementary, stated, "what I loved about Parker's is that he made his look like President Donald Trump.  And, he actually colored his hair like his, and he actually put his little flag pin on.  Then, when he came back, President Trump had put on his visitor's badge."

Not only did Norman's Flat Stanley come back from the White House, but he had a personalized letter from President Trump with all the activities Flat Stanley did while at the White House.

Norman was excited to share.

"He went bowling with President Trump, and he watched a movie with him at the White House theater," Norman said.
Through the years, Apison students have sent Flat Stanley to lots of unique places in addition to the White House.

"Some of the places he's gone to is like Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii, all over the United States.  He's been to the Grand Canyon, of course going to the beach, zoo,” Hardy explained.

Mrs. Hardy's current second-grade class is already thinking of ideas to where they will send Flat Stanley next.