From Dade County Schools: Dade County Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris has announced a new Incident Management System in Dade County Schools. 

In response to the needs of Dade County Schools, South Western Communications worked with Dade County Safety Personnel and created an Incident Management System that took an already well-designed safety plan and used technology to reduce response times in the event of a crisis.”  Safety Director Josh Ingle is helping manage the system.

In order to give Dade County Schools the technology tools needed to enhance and execute their safety plan, SWC integrated two systems into their schools, Telecenter and Sielox.  

Telecenter’s Emergency Response functions provide the ability, with the press of a button, to immediately deliver automated, pre-recorded critical notifications for a wide range of emergencies, whether for a lock-down or even a weather situation. 

Seilox CLASS (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) is a daily incident and crisis management solution that can reduce response time in the event of an emergency. It reduces notification time to responders using chat and email alerts and provides instant visibility using dynamic floor plan maps. The System provides an event monitor in real time as well as an audit trail after an incident or crisis. Communications are enhanced through chat and email alerts to SRO’s, School Principals, the District Office and especially to first responders. The dynamic graphical map provides real-time status in each classroom when the teacher presses a button on his/her computer, phone or Ipad that changes the color of her room on the map to indicate what the situation is in the classroom. 

EMA Director Alex Case worked closely with Dade County Schools in the implementation of the system.  He said, “Dade County has made a real investment in the safety of the staff and students in their schools.”  Dr. Harris noted, “It is impossible to place a dollar amount on the safety of our children, but it is possible to identify the cost of the technology implemented to assist in keeping our schools safe. The financial investment made by Dade County Schools for the design, installation, implementation and training was $160,211.”

Dade County extends appreciation to Sheriff Ray Cross, Chief Christy Smith and law enforcement for their support in this effort.  A special thank you is extended to Chief Deputy Tommy Bradford and team for writing and securing a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant that will entirely cover the cost of this cutting-edge technology designed by Engineer Lee Haston.  Board President Carolyn Bradford said, “There is nothing more important than the safety of our students and staff.  This is, and always will be, our number one priority.”