Two Red Cross volunteers from the Tennessee Valley are being deployed to hurricane impacted areas.

The volunteers traveled to Macon, Georgia, to join other volunteers. All of the emergency response vehicles met in Macon to be dispatched to the areas in the Panhandle.

The volunteers Channel 3 spoke with Friday morning are not yet sure where they are going, but they know once they arrive in Macon, they will find out which areas are hardest hit and will determine where they will go.

Two of the people going on this trip have been to hurricane flooded areas before. Both of them assisted during Hurricane Harvey.

They say one of the main parts of their job is providing comfort and support to the people going through such a difficult situation.

"Just seeing it on TV has made me know that I need to be there to help them, but I don't really know what to expect until I get there," Red Cross volunteer Gail Cunningham said.


There are also volunteers from the North Georgia Red Cross going, as a well and about a dozen Red Cross volunteers from Middle Tennessee.

These volunteers will be gone for about a two to three-week deployment. They'll stay as long as they're needed.

Channel 3 has a crew following their journey to the Panhandle.

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