A family with ties to Chattanooga was split up by Hurricane Michael. Some chose to stay behind in Panama City and others evacuated to the Scenic City.

Everyone is alright physically, but emotionally, this has taken a toll on them. Some members of the Clack family will have a place to call home, but others will have to rebuild.

"By the grace of God, I'm still here,” Kenisha Clack said in a Facebook live video.

Kenisha Clack was walking through what used to be an apartment complex in Panama City. Belongings were scattered everywhere and lives are forever changed.

"We have no city, and it's sad to say. I say it's time for the city to come together and be there for one another,” Clack said during a FaceTime interview.

Clack was staying at a friend's apartment when Hurricane Michael hit. The damage is unlike anything she's seen in her 15 years of living in the Panhandle after moving there from Chattanooga.

"It's the kind of stuff you see on TV and to actually be living it is like wow,” Clack said.

During our FaceTime interview, Clack showed us her home that appeared to be intact. Some trees were down and a wooden fence was knocked over.

While she decided to ride out the storm, her mom packed up her belongings and left with Clack's young daughter.

"Something about it disturbed my spirit like something's going to be different about this one,” Renee Clack, her mother, said.

It was hard to leave knowing her two adult children would be in the direct path of Hurricane Michael. She's only seen the destruction on TV and Facebook.

"It doesn't even look like where we live. There's no street signs. There's no road telling you where you're going. You got to know the area,” Clack said.

Clack's other daughter, who is a sheriff's deputy in the area, checked on their home. It has some damage but will be repairable.

"We're here. We're healthy. We can start over again, but for me, I can't move forward until I actually visualize it mentally,” Clack said.

Family members who are in Chattanooga told Channel 3 they'll start making their way back to the Panhandle this weekend. They'll stay with relatives in Pensacola until Panama City re-opens.