TUNNEL HILL, Ga. - Transferring is more prevalent in college football now a days, but you don't see it often at the high school level. For Northwest Whitfield Quarterback Ty Fisher, coming over from LaFayette, hasn't been all that bad.

"Well at first I was a little worried about how they were going to accept me. I feel I proved myself over the summer a little bit. We got a good team chemistry going on right now," Fisher said.

Fisher isn't the only new guy. The other just so happens to be his dad, who's calling the plays for an offense that's averaging 34 points a game this season, and it's no coincidence.

"The offense that we're running, he's been involved in since he was six years old. He's been watching it, running it, listening to it. So, it was somewhat of a second nature when we came over here and were able to implement the offense because he had been around it since he was young," Chad Fisher said.

So far, so good for a team that's 3-1, which should make it a bit easier to separate coach and dad, you would think.

"No, he's coach all the time. It's a unique experience. Not a lot of people get to play for their dad. I've spent four years with him, so it's kind of fun," Ty said.

The Bruins offense may be all in the family, but the Northwest Whitfield community is all in on this team.

"It's important to these kids. It's important to this school. It's important to this community. They want to win. The people in this community do all they can to help this program win. These kids do everything they can to win. It's just a great place to be," Chad said.