The Dade County community is rallying around the deputy who was seriously injured when a woman ran him over on Tuesday.

Police arrested Laura Wooten who faces several charges in the case.

Major Tommy Bradford continues to recover from his injuries and underwent surgery on Friday for his leg.

Ever since Major Bradford was hospitalized, the community has been doing what they can to help him and his family. From giving blood to raising money, they're showing that they back the blue.

Employees at JB's Variety Store were busy making blue and black bows on Friday.

It's to show support for Major Tommy Bradford who was seriously injured on Tuesday.

They've been struggling to keep up with demand ever since the store's owner posted about the back the blue items on Facebook Thursday.

"Us being a small, family run business, it's very overwhelming and very appreciative that people care enough to spread it like it's spreading,” Barbie Evans, owner of JB’s Variety Store said.

So far, more than 150 bows and flags have been sold. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an account for Major Bradford.

Evans said the number of sales speaks volumes about the people who live in Dade County.

"They love him. They love what he stands for, what his family stands for. They appreciate the immense sacrifice that he made when he went out to go do his job and this is what happened,” Evans said.

A chase that started in Fort Payne, Alabama crossed state lines into Trenton, Georgia.

Police said Laura Wooten was involved in a burglary and was behind the wheel when she hit Major Bradford on Highway 11. Wooten later crashed into the Dade County courthouse square.

The deputy had been laying out spike strips on Highway 11 and lost part of his leg during the chain of events.

"When one of your classmates gets injured or hurt, you feel like you got to do something. I just felt like that was something I could do personally as far as helping out,” Todd Blackmon, a Dade County resident said.

Blackmon graduated from the county's high school with Major Bradford in 1992.

He's organizing a cornhole tournament for September 29th at 11:00 a.m. at the Rising Fawn Circle A Arena & Western Store in Rising Fawn to help with his medical expenses.

It will $40.00 per team.

"It's not about me. It's not about Dade County. It's about him and his family and that's the whole purpose of it,” Blackmon said.

They know Major Bradford will recover because he’s a fighter.

"You don't expect anything like this to ever happen and especially not here because we are a quiet town, but he's very loved. We appreciate what he's done and I don't think it'll slow him down for a second,” Evans said.

A fund has been set up at the Bank of Dade to help with Major Bradford's medical expenses.