A Chattanooga couple struggling with infertility got the surprise of a lifetime when they were given a free in vitro fertilization cycle.

Scarlet and Chris Brown entered a local contest last year that changed their lives forever.

“We sat right here and we just cried together because we knew we had a future and we had so much to look forward to again,” Scarlet told Channel 3.

The couple desperately wanted to have a baby. They tried for years but weren’t able to get pregnant. Last November, they had to put their dream of starting a family on hold when Chris, then 37, had a heart attack. "When the heart attack happened we just kind of got to a stopping point and decided we've got to focus on us and his health right now and focus on that later,” said Scarlet.

Scarlet had already entered a contest to win a free in vitro fertilization cycle at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine.

The Chattanooga clinic was giving the gift to one lucky couple for the holiday season. “We knew in the back of our minds that IVF was going to be something that we would have to do or we talked about adoption because IVF is expensive. We knew that we weren't going to be able to afford that in the near future,” said Scarlet.

In December, the Browns were thrilled to learn they had won the contest.

“It just took all of the burden off us financially and all of it has been amazing to see how much people cared about us and wanted to help us,” said Scarlet. “It’s very humbling. I was very grateful to survive a heart attack and be able for us to start moving forward with our family right then,” said Chris.

The Browns felt that IVF was their last hope for having a baby and it worked.

“We found out it's a little girl at 15 weeks. We had our gender reveal just a couple of weeks ago. For us that day was very momentous because it felt like we were on the other side of things,” said Scarlet.

The Browns say they’re looking forward to the future and meeting their baby girl.

Their message to other couples struggling with infertility is to never give up hope.