UPDATE: Thursday, Major Tommy Bradford remains at the hospital in good spirits. Almost 200 people donated blood for Bradford at a church blood drive.

Bradford's wife has been very active on social media. Updating friends, and concerned citizens on Tommy's condition.

She posted: "His pain is much more tolerable. He's not having any surgery today. They are giving him a free day."

Bradford will spend most of his day on Friday undergoing surgery on his leg. His wife is thankful for the community's support, sharing this message on Facebook: “We read through everything at night and he drifts off to sleep knowing he's loved and has amazing support from so many!”

The Dade County Sheriff's Office has opened up an account with The Bank of Dade.

Donations can be made under Major Bradford's name at all branches.

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He's been with the sheriff's department since 1993, working his way up the ranks from patrol to school resource officer. 

Everyday for almost eight years Major Bradford and then Dade County High School Principal Josh Ingle worked side by side.

"As we worked together, and as we got to know how each other worked, it evolved into a close friendship," said Davis Lee Elementary Principal Josh Ingle. 

Bradford was the school resource officer. Principal Ingle said there was a mutual respect between the students and the man in uniform.

"He wanted to make a difference. Let kids know, you're going to make mistakes, but let's take these mistakes and learn from them," said Ingle. 

Bradford's positive influence also made a strong impression on the adults in the building.

"I learned so much from him as a law enforcement officer. It helped me be a better principal and building relationships with kids," said Ingle.  

News of Bradford's life-changing injury is difficult for everyone to comprehend. This kind and generous man is now depending on others to get through the difficult days.

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"Major Bradford has already had surgery and has many more to come. His road to recovery will be a long one. But not one without support," said Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross. 

A blood drive for Bradford is scheduled for Wednesday from 4:30-8:30 p.m. at Piney Grove Baptist Church.