A Chattanooga group is trying to normalize breastfeeding.

Saturday, the Chattanooga Breastfeeding Connection hosted an event at the Red Bank United Methodist Church.

The event featured a raffle, goody bags and activities for the kids.

Organizers explained why events like this are important.

"It's just you need to keep in mind that this is normal, natural way to feed a baby," Jennifer Scanlan de Salmeron said. "And just like you said, it's 2018 and the 50th state just now passed legislation protecting breastfeeding, and people are like, just now? In 2018? But moms are just here to feed their babies."

Saturday's event is a part of a worldwide global event that started in 2005 in New Zealand. Since then, it has spread to over 30 countries. This is the sixth annual event in Chattanooga.