The TSA is considering closing screening checkpoints at some smaller airports across the country.

Before taking off at the airport, going through security is a given. At larger airports, those security checks can mean long lines.

"I don't mind the wait," Lisa Craig said.

Craig takes at least two international trips a year. We caught up with her at the Chattanooga Airport. She said going through security is just part of the adventure.

"I've traveled the world, and I’ve been through some serious wait times, and I’m ok with it!” Craig explained. “You just plan accordingly."

But that could change. The Transportation Security Administration is considering closing some screening checkpoints at about 150 small and medium-sized airports in the U.S.

Passengers and their bags would be checked after arriving at larger airports in between connecting flights.

Craig is not on board with the idea.

“I thought it was very unwise,” Craig said about the news. “I don't think the size of the airport or the airline is going to deter anyone."

The decision to eliminate any screening points is not final, but TSA said it could cut down on expenses.

Craig said if it does happen, she will be much more cautious when choosing what airport she flies out of.

"I would be a lot more careful to go through airports that do, in fact, have TSA,” Craig explained.

More than 2.5 million passengers are screened at airports across the nation each day.

Channel 3 reached out to the Chattanooga Airport. A spokesman said Chattanooga would not be one of the airports that would lose screening.