A Hamilton County woman is sharing her story of how she helped a local family who was lost on a Harrison Bay State Park over the weekend.

It can also be a reminder for all of us to plan ahead.

Fran Richards' Sunday started out with a routine 4.5 mile run at Harrison Bay State Park. She had no idea she would cross paths with a local family during their time of need.

Richards said she gave a 5-year-old a piggy back ride as she led a Chattanooga grandmother and her father, who has dementia, out of the woods.

She said they had been lost for three hours and didn't have enough water.

"I just assured her that I had just ran that trail and walked that trail and that together we were all going to make it," said Richards.

It took more than two hours to walk 2.5 miles out of the woods but the group made it out safely.

"God has a reason for everything, and she about broke my heart when she said, 'yeah he does. You're my angel, you're our angel today,'" Richards said.

Richards said she doesn't consider herself an angel but is happy she was able to help.

"If we all could be Good Samaritans, I think the world as a whole would be a better place," Richards added.

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