I'll just bet you have a shopping app on your phone. Maybe its one you downloaded before Black Friday to help find the best deals at major retailers. Many of those apps; however, aren't that great at saving money at the supermarket.

Our App of the Day? That's its specialty.

"Flipp" is for iPhones and Android device.  You can also find Flipp on WRCBtv.com. While it gathers and shows the most recent store flyers for Macy's, Best Buy, Walmart and other stores, it also saves time and money at the grocery store.

With Flipp, you can easily create a grocery store list by adding items using a list of photo icons. By tapping on the screen, the app shows most everything that's typically on a shopping list such as eggs, milk, bread, cheese etc. Instead of needing to type out those words, you just tap on the icon to add it to a list.

Once that's done, you can tap on the item to see any discounts or coupons at nearby stores. You can then tap on one of those coupons to save it to a list or, if you use a store loyalty card, the app adds it to the card so that you'll only need to scan it at the store.

Flipp also saves your favorite store, and when you visit, it shows which aisle the items are located on, which is a huge timesaver if you've ever wandered around looking for pet food!

If you prefer making a grocery list on a piece of paper, you can take a photo of the list, and Flipp scans the items and adds them to your list within the app. As you shop and put those items in the cart, you can check them off the list.

In addition to all of that, you can share your grocery list with someone else so that everyone in the house knows what you need, and you'll know if they've purchased it before you make the supermarket run.

Of all the shopping apps in iTunes and the Google Play Store, Flipp receives some of the highest reviews and is often in the top downloaded list of shopping apps

Best of all, to save you even more money, Flipp is a free download.