The Tennessee Valley Authority is on its way to being able to generate enough energy to supply another 280,000 homes in the Tennessee Valley.

“TVA is investing in smart energy and a cleaner future to meet the Tennessee Valley’s everyday energy needs and provide a catalyst for economic development,” Mike Balduzzi, TVA’s Chief Nuclear Officer said back in March. “When the upgrade is completed, an additional 280,000 homes will be powered with carbon-free electricity from Browns Ferry’s nuclear reactors.”

The authority said Tuesday that it is making progress. Unit 3 at its Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant is now producing more carbon-free, low-cost energy than ever before.

Unit 3 is the first to operate at the new rated thermal power limit of the Extended Power Uprate. This means it is capable of generating an additional 155 megawatts of power to serve the Tennessee Valley.

“Operating Unit 3 at the higher EPU power rating is an important first step toward safely and reliably generating more electricity from all three of our units,” Lang Hughes, Browns Ferry site vice president, said. “As we did during the recent Unit 3 outage, we’ll install the final round of EPU modifications on Unit 1 in the upcoming fall outage and on Unit 2 in the spring outage in 2019.”

TVA said this work helps ensure its ability to be able to safely and reliably provide the power businesses and citizens need for decades to come.

In total, TVA plans to spend $475 million to fully implement the Extended Power Uprate at Browns Ferry. TVA has seven operational nuclear reactors. The authority supplies nearly 40 percent of all electricity used by more than 9 million people in the Tennessee Valley.

To learn more, visit TVA's website.