UPDATE: One person was shot Monday night on Riverfront Parkway.

Chattanooga police said officers were called to the 100 block of Riverfront Parkway just before 6:30 pm.

Officers found a man who was suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. He was taken to an area hospital.

Chattanoogans and tourists spent the afternoon enjoying the summer day biking, running, and walking near the scene of the city's most recent shooting.

“Like right here where we are at? That is awful,” said Britney Jackson.

Police said a man has serious injuries after being shot on Riverfront Parkway, near the iconic Walnut Street Bridge.

“People get shot in the best parts of town, everywhere. I have traveled the country, people get shot at places you would never think they'd get shot at,” said Ron Redden of Denver, Colorado.

“It is scary for me and my kids to be walking around at 6:00 in the evening and somebody shoots somebody. That is just crazy.”

Over 10 years ago, more than 20 cameras were installed across the river in Coolidge and Renaissance Parks. Chattanooga police said they are not sure if any security cameras caught this latest shooting. A spokesperson said that is part of the investigation.

Locals hate to hear crime is spreading into the downtown area.

“No, not here, not in downtown. This is for family. Time to come and spend time with family and kids and stuff. Not shootings.”

A witness told officers the suspect approached the victim and began arguing with him. The suspect then shot the victim and ran, the witness explained.

Members of the Violent Crime Bureau are investigating.

If you have any information that can help investigators, please call CPD at 423-698-2525.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police are investigating a reported shooting on Riverside Drive Monday evening.

It was reported shortly before 6:30 p.m. from the 100 block of Riverside Drive.

Police spokesman Rob Simmons confirms that police are responding to the area for a reported shooting.

Details are limited at this time.

Channel 3 is working to learn more.

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