Marriage counselors say couples need 'date nights'. That's especially true for couples with children.

A night out at a restaurant or movie without kids is good for moms and dads. That's often easier said than done. Finding a babysitter you feel comfortable leaving your child with is the challenge.

The app Urban Sitter helps parents find babysitters at the last minute by creating a network of Facebook friends and parenting groups. When a parent first signs up for Urban Sitter, they are asked to log in with their Facebook account or LinkedIn. By doing this, the app accesses your friends and any parenting groups you belong to. It also gives you the option to search for parenting groups in your area.

Sitters and nannies sign up to be listed in the Urban Sitter app. When browsing through the available sitters, parents will see any that are connected to friends or friends of friends. Parents can also read reviews and see ratings of those sitters left by parents.

If that still isn't enough to set your mind at ease, Urban Sitter says it conducts background checks on all sitters who apply and reviews any past criminal history on their city, county or state information databases. Sitters also list their credentials, their resume and any certifications they hold, such as CPR training.

Sitters often record video greetings that are playable when someone clicks their photo and information section.

The app is free for Android devices and iPhones. It can also be accessed on the Urban Sitter website.

Sitters can list their information and availability for free and can keep 100 percent of their earnings. Parents must pay a subscription fee to use the service and
contact sitters. A pay-as-you-go subscription is $35 for a month, while monthly subscriptions are $19.95. There's an annual subscription option of $99.