Neighbors are still cleaning up after severe storms rolled through Murray County Saturday.

Piles of debris in front yards are the first sign cleanup has already started in one Murray County neighborhood, but there's still work to do.

Large branches dangerously dangle over some of the road and debris is still in the street.

One neighbor said his family lost power for about 8 hours. Luckily, all the trees around their home are still standing.

"After we got out Saturday morning and started looking around, we were blessed that there was no damage around this side of the street,” Daniel Miramontes said.

Instead, they are dealing with another problem, flooding.

"Usually when it rains and we have big storms like that, we do have it,” Miramontes explained. “It's just something that we've got used to it now.”

He lives on Patricia Avenue. The road is flooded blocking four driveways.

Neighbors have two options to avoid driving through the flooded road, either park at a church behind their homes and walk or drive through yards.

"Now the neighbors have to come through our yard so they can get out,” Miramontes said.

He said it happens nearly every time it rains. Even though it can be bothersome, he said it's a problem they've learned to deal with.

"We can deal with the water,” Miramontes added. “A tree on the house or something? That's something worse than that."