The city of Chattanooga hosted CHA 720, an initiative to help people improve their credit scores.

It was a free consultation to give folks an idea of where their credit score is and a plan to make it better.

This program was named CHA 720 because a score of 720 will get you better opportunities for loan offers.

One of the coaches for the event says the goal is to educate and counsel to give people a better quality of life.

Tiffany Roan, a financial well-being coach for "Operation Hope," works with people every day to help them improve their credit scores.

She says they reach into communities where the average score is 500.

“Typically see higher crime rates, lower entrepreneurship, lower saving, and you don't see many private companies coming in,” said Roan.

Roan says some people in these areas are looking for places that rent to own, offer cash advances and title loans. That's a mistake and can hurt your score.

She says a score of at least 720 increases opportunities and helps the whole neighborhood with better quality businesses.

“All of my neighbors have a 720 credit score,” Roan said. “We've increased our home values. Now, we can tell you if we want Ashley Furniture or American Signature in our communities.”

Roan has been counseling Ivy Smith for over a year. Smith wanted to work on her credit before she needed to make any major purchases. She values what she learned in the sessions.

“Her giving step-by-step instructions and by showing you what's important for you to pay off first,” said Ivy Smith.

Smith says some people are looking for a quick fix, but it took time and effort for her to meet the 720 goals.

“She would say Ivy let's pull your credit report, and I would say no. I don't want to do it this time,” said Smith. “The time she pulled it, and I saw that it went up 70 points, I was like yes!”

For those who missed this opportunity to get the help, you can still schedule a free appointment with by clicking here.