The Varnell Police Department is warning people about a suspicious person roaming around neighborhoods.

An officer spotted the prowler wearing dark clothes early Thursday morning during his routine patrol.

An alert from the Varnell Police Department has neighbors like Donna Griffin thinking twice before going to sleep.

"I was real surprised because normally there's not anything happening here at all," Griffin said.

An officer patrolling Village Drive near West Parliament Drive saw someone roaming around the neighborhood early Thursday.

When the officer tried to approach that person, they took off into the woods.

"That's a little scary to think about. I don't know why they'd be roaming. They're up to no good. If they're out on the road roaming, they're up to no good," Griffin said.

Griffin plans to lock her doors and car as a precaution.

Police Chief Lyle Grant hopes other neighbors do the same while the prowler is still on the loose.

“Like me and you, we work hard for what we have. We don't want somebody sneaking around at night taking it away from us," Chief Grant said.

Neighbors are watching out for each other until an arrest is made.

Bobby Wells has been known as the watch dog of the community.

“I don't like it, but if he comes in my yard, I'm well protected," Wells said.

Police are stepping up patrols too. Griffin is happy to hear that, but won't rest easy until that person is caught.

“Nothing happens. People ride their bikes, people walk their dogs. I've never even worried about it. It makes me a little nervous," Griffin said.

Varnell's police chief told Channel 3 if and when they arrest someone in the case, they could face loitering and prowling charges.

Both are misdemeanors that come with a fine of up to $1,000 or one year in jail.

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