Whether you're trying to soak up some last minute summer fun or working outside in the heat, we can't say it enough be careful.

Dr. Brian Ingalls , of American Family Care says "We do try to push ourselves and get too much done especially in the heat of the day which is 10-4."

And pushing yourself can be dangerous, even deadly leading to a heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

That's why Dr. Ingalls says it is important to listen to your body, take precautions, and don't overdo it.

Dr. Brian Ingalls, AFC says "The body is pretty much going to tell you when you reach that endpoint, it is going to give you signals like increased thirst, increased sweatiness, sometimes decreased ability to think or slightly confused."

Keep these 5 steps in mind when you're trying to beat the heat and stay safe:

*Stay hydrated

Dr. Brian Ingalls says "Drinking water is predominately the best way to hydrate."

*Manage your meds

Dr. Brian Ingalls says "There are a lot of different factors that can influence the body's ability to handle the heat, sometimes medications that we're on can catch up with us quickly and not allow us to cool down quickly."

*Make sure to use sunscreen

*Add food to keep you hydrated like watermelon

Dr. Brian Ingalls says "Things we want to avoid in the summer, excess alcohol, caffeine, those things prevent the body from cooling adequately."

* And don't overdo it. Take it easy whether it's work or play

Mitch Gaddis, Father says "Oh most definitely, you got to every 15 minutes, get some liquids in you so make sure your kids are staying cool."

It's important to remember if you find yourself becoming weak, muscle cramps or excessive thirst take a break and cool off, that's most likely heat exhaustion which is a precursor to heat stroke which can be deadly.