Just as Amazon Prime Day 2018 began, the whole thing went to the dogs.

For at least an hour, many Amazon Prime shoppers were unable to make a purchase, place items in the cart and (some) could not even log onto the website or app. While no one from Amazon has provided an explanation it was widely believed Amazon's services crashed because so many people were shopping at the same time. That's  first for the retail giant that's never skipped a beat on other Prime Days or even Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

An Amazon spokesperson sent a statement that read, in part: "Prime Day sales in the U.S. so far are bigger than ever, in fact, the in the first ten hours Prime Day grew even faster, year-over-year, than the first ten hours last year."

"It wasn't all a walk in the (dog) park," it continued. "We had a ruff start- we know some customers were temporarily unable to make purchases."

That's all the release covered regarding the outage but went on to promote the last few hours of Prime Day 2018 by listing some of the best deals remaining.

The references to (dog) park and "ruff start" were in response to the many questions from shoppers who were greeted by photos of dogs on both the website and in the Amazon app. When a customer refreshed the page or attempted to go to the homepage, the photo of the dog changed to another photo of a dog.

So why dogs? Amazon has used photos of dogs on its error page for years. The dogs are pets of its employees who bring their dog to work with them every day. According to Amazon's blog, employees bring some 6,000 dogs to the office every workday.

Prime Day 2018 ends at midnight Tuesday and there are still great deals available with more going live as "lightning deals" every hour.