Thanks to Balenciaga, we’ve already had designer platform Crocs — retailing for an affordable, accessible $850.

But if you’re craving something higher — literally — and a lot lighter on your wallet, then let us introduce you to Crocs with heels. The most talked-about style is still available on Amazon (barely), so expect to pay inflated prices (or wait).

The reviews are largely positive: "Beautiful shoes very comfortable recommended," wrote one fan.

No surprise there, since the brand is known for its extremely wearable and durable footwear.

The shoes, let it be noted, are for those who love color; in particular, we appreciate the Cyprus leopard heel, which is three inches high. It also comes in black and gray, but both are available in limited sizes for $224.

One caveat: Amazon reviewers note that you should probably order the shoes one size up. Because why sacrifice comfort when there’s no need.

Judging by the consumer response and the fact that they’re sold out just about everywhere, this is one very popular style. And the brand keeps expanding its line of heels and wedges. Here are a few other cute pairs we like, also currently available in select sizes.

Happily, these wedges are actually available in a wide assortment of sizes. Overall, we're pretty obsessed with Crocs shoes of all kinds (they have such great flats and sandals!) so get to shopping and see you later, alligator.