The wet and above normal summer temperatures have an Ellijay farm making adjustments to ensure they'll be open the first weekend of August.

The Red Apple Barn says they appreciate the rainfall, but they've had more cloudy days than sunny days this summer. Apples are needing a break from the heat to be on track by August. 

The orchard has painted trunks white to reflect light and help keep the soil cooler. 

"Typically, no hotter than the upper 80s, and then cool nights will really give apples color," says the owner of Red Apple Barn, Barry Pritchett.

Cold fronts over the next several weeks would be welcomed by the farm. Generally, apples like temperatures in the 50s or low 60s at night to boost sugar production. Red Apple Barn says due to the warmth in Georgia, they could be the last stop south before apples can't grow. 

Pritchett adds 4" to 5" of rain has fallen over the last 10 days. As the rain and cloud cover continues, Pritchett finds himself doing everything he can to get the trees some sunlight.

"They'll grow a lot of sprouts up the center of the tree, and we try and pull those sprouts out so you get better sunlight and better airflow in the tree," adds Pritchett.

Gala, Golden Supreme, and Detroit Red apples will be available the first week of August. 

Founder of Red Apple Barn, Marvin Pritchett, says heavy rain too early in the season is a problem for corn, but once stalks become mature, abundant rain is a good thing.

"It needs six to eight pints of water per day," says owner and founder of Red Apple Barn, Marvin Pritchett.

This is the second round of corn the farm has planted. The first round drowned in May. As recent rain has stalks spiking, Pritchett says the shade does wonders for corn. 

"Our corn, when it gets that big, it shades out most of the weeds, so we're going to be alright on the corn," states Pritchett.

Sweet corn is generally available by mid-July. This year, the farm says it will be available the entire month of August. 

U-Pick begins Labor Day Weekend. The farm will have 25 apple varieties available through the end of October.

For a list of events at the farm, click here.

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