Air quality in our area is beginning to decline as summer is in full swing.

This could cause issues for those who have certain breathing conditions.

People who have asthma or allergies should especially be aware of the air quality.

One physician says Chattanooga is one of the worst places for asthma and allergies.

People are spending more days outside.

Dr. Jonathan Kerley says he sees plenty of patients because of the heat.

“Sometimes we have some air quality issues, and of course with this time of year, it's hot and humid. It can be really challenging for asthma patients,” said Dr. Jonathan Kerley.

Friday, the air quality for Chattanooga was at 93.

Channel 3’s Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys explains the contributing factors for a higher air quality index.

“Comes out of the car and the sun hits that exhaust and the chemicals in that exhaust turn into ozone and ozone is the pollutant,” said Barys.

Barys says going into the weekend that numbers should drop.

Kerley says when air quality gets bad people with breathing conditions could be impacted.

He says people with asthma should keep their inhalers handy.

“If you notice with an activity that you are short of breath or wheezing that should be a trigger,” said Kerley.

He says people with allergies should also be aware of the air quality.

“As far as sneezing, rashes and itchy watery eyes are usually things that are heralded allergy type responses,” said Kerley.

So far this summer we have had two orange alerts which means the air quality was at least 100.

Barys says it's not clear if we'll see another alert before summer ends.

“So the more sunny days there are, when it’s hotter, when the air is stagnant then ozone will build up,” said Barys.

Barys says people who live near an interstate have a higher chance of exposure.

Kerley says those who may have concerns should see a doctor have a physical done.

“We do lung test to measure lung volume then allergy testing that would help us understand what triggers are there,” said Kerley.

Dr. Kerley says the best way to stay safe is to pre-treat your conditions by using an inhaler or following your doctor’s orders.