Renovations to Miller Park are in the final stages.

Crews are about to finish construction on the 40-year-old downtown landmark. The park closed last July as part of a $14-million district revamp involving ML King Boulevard and Patten Parkway.

Jackson Malcolm is one of the 40,000 people who walk by Miller Park each day.

“I work down here about four days a week," Malcolm said. "I spend a good amount of time in this area.”

He is ready for the construction to be finished.

“I am just glad they are approving the area and making it better for everyone,” said Malcolm.

However, he will not be able to enjoy the park for a few more weeks.

Construction will finish on time at the end of July. But crews still have to complete landscaping projects for the park to be open to the public.

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Until then, a fence will remain up to prevent anyone from entering.

“I am not surprised. Same with the interstate, that has been taking a long time too. I feel like everything that they start just takes years to finish,” said Sarah Durham.

Last July, Channel 3 obtained a copy of a letter sent to big businesses in Chattanooga from River City, the company in charge of the Miller Park District Revamp. At that time, they still needed $2.5 million to fund the new Miller Park. They were asking companies to help dig them out of debt.

One year later, a spokesperson tells us the Miller Park section of the project has been paid for. But River City still needs to complete additional fundraising efforts for the Patten Parkway project once those plans are finalized.

The construction has been an eyesore for the area since the start of the project.

Chattanoogans are now counting the days until it reopens.

“I am ready for it to open. I know that is how construction goes and I don't mind,” said Malcolm.

“It is annoying. I feel like Chattanooga never finishes anything or takes forever to finish it. It is noisy and bothersome,” said Durham.

The city hopes to have a ceremony after the Labor Day weekend as a celebration of the reopening.