Between her calla lilies and amaryllis, Susan Driskell put a tombstone.

It's a memory of plants passed and a warning to the canine culprits.

"Well I saw it happen several times and we're dog owners ourselves so we know what dogs like to do."

Yes...Driskell said her yellow flowers were done in by a certain yellow liquid.

So she decided to do something about it, "I took these little signs and discreetly asked people to please watch where their dogs were tinkling."

It's a plea to please prevent your pets from peeing in her yard.

But is Fido really at fault?

We set out to verify Driskell's claim: Can dog urine kill plants?

We asked a UT Veterinary Internist Dr. India Lane who has a specialization in urology and turfgrass science specialist Tom Samples.

Samples said byproducts of the urine could kill grass, "Basically the urine is actually toxic to the leaf tissue."

The acid and salt released can bleach plants and grass brown like a fertilizer burn.

"Nitrogen itself is a fertilizer," said Dr. Lane. "But if you put too much fertilizer in one spot than you're going to overdo it and kill the grass."

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