Two wild dogs were shot and killed in Cohutta Monday night after attacking a llama and acting aggressively towards people.

Ron Shinnick owns a group of llamas, and when he came home Monday night, something was very wrong.

"I heard the llamas kind of crying and carrying on,” Shinnick recalled. “And I heard some dogs barking. So, I came out here to the pasture."

Two wild dogs were attacking one of his llamas. He saw her laying in a creek trying to get away.

Shinnick tried to scare the dogs off but said they lunged toward him.

“I was afraid they had killed her or mortally wounded her," Shinnick said.

So he called police. The dogs were also aggressive towards the officer, so the officer shot and killed them.

Police said the wild dogs have been a problem since last October, attacking livestock and being aggressive towards people.

"I was nervous for the others because I couldn't find them; all I saw was her,” Shinnick said. “I didn't know if they had killed some of the others or wounded some of the other llamas."

All the other llamas were OK. The one that was attacked has multiple bite marks on its backside but is walking around.

Shinnick isn't sure how the dogs got into the pasture and said it's gated well.

Right now, he's just hoping his llama will be OK. 

"I'm hoping she fully recovers from this," he urged.

Shinnick said losing just one llama would cost him a couple thousand dollars.

Police said if you ever see a wild dog attacking livestock, call police or animal control.