UPDATE: The man at the center of the 2016 Labor Day double murder trial will spend life in prison.

A jury found Stephen Mobley guilty on all counts including first degree murder late Saturday night.

The sole survivor of that shooting chose to speak with Channel 3 after the verdict came down.

After seven hours of deliberating on Saturday, jurors reached a guilty verdict. Stephen Mobley didn't react.

"I was grateful, relieved, still sad because my friends are lost. He still gets to live a life. I'm glad he's behind bars," Zirrshaddia Scott, the shooting survivor said.

Scott was the sole survivor of the shooting from Labor Day in 2016. She gave her account of what happened nearly two years ago during the trial.

"I did it for them. I did it for them and me and I know that they would be proud of me and I know that they love me and I know that they know that I love them too and that I will miss them," Scott said.

Before jurors decided Mobley's fate, attorneys from both sides presented their closing arguments.

"Shot multiple times over nothing other than he felt disrespected," Kevin Brown, a prosecutor said.

"It is not his burden to do anything. It is simply and always the burden of the state of Tennessee to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," Steve Brown, a defense attorney said.

That didn't seem to change the jury's mind.

"In accordance with that verdict in count one hereby sentences you in accordance with Tennessee law to life in prison," Judge Barry Steelman told Mobley.

Scott said that's justice for her friends who were killed that night.

"I'm going to always carry them with my heart and I'm pretty sure their family and everybody else will be too," Scott said.

A sentencing hearing for Mobley's other charges including aggravated assault is expected to take place on October 23.

TRIAL UPDATE DAY 5:  Court is back in session Saturday morning for jury instructions and closing arguments in the Stephen Mobley trial.

Channel 3 is in the courtroom and will keep you updated.

Closing arguments are beginning. The state is speaking to the jury now.

3:42pm - The jury just got their instructions for deliberation. Judge Steelman says jurors will not have a time limit. Deliberations are set to begin any moment.

3:34pmCourt is now back in session, and the jury is back from lunch.

1:50pm - Jurors are headed to lunch and told NOT to discuss the case yet. After lunch deliberations will begin.

12:26pm - We are hearing from the defense now. They open by addressing a Facebook video Mobley posted before he turned himself in.

12:18pm - Prosecution: “He walked into that living room and let the bullets fly...” “He” is referring to Mobley.

11:53am - Closing arguments are beginning. The state is speaking to the jury now.

10:28am - The judge is reading instructions to the jury now.

TRIAL UPDATE DAY 4: Jurors heard more testimony in the trial of a 34-year-old man accused of a double-murder during a house party on Labor Day in 2016.

Stephen Mobley faces life in prison after police say he shot three people, killing two of them.

Friday, attorneys questioned whether someone improperly took a picture of sequestered jurors at their hotel Thursday night.

Judge Barry Steelman spoke with each juror, and confirmed the issue in question would not hinder the case.

After a lunch break, jurors heard more testimony.

One witness, whose name is not being released for his safety, gave his statement to investigators before the trial started, revealing what may have led to the shooting.

“He felt like he was being used or something like that,” the witness said.

The state has rested its case.

The defense made a motion to dismiss the case based on a lack of evidence; however, that motion was denied.

The defense rested its case following the testimony of Mobley's aunt.

Mobley pleaded not guilty earlier this week.

If he is found guilty, he faces life in prison.

Court will resume at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday for closing arguments.

Channel 3 will be in the courtroom to bring you the latest.

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TRIAL UPDATE DAY 3: It's day three in the trial for a man accused of a double murder on Labor Day in 2016.

Stephen Mobley faces life in prison after police say he shot three people, killing two of them.

A forensic investigator testified Wednesday along with another witness to the crime.

Aside from the investigators that have testified, the jury heard from two witnesses who are related to Mobley or know him personally.

A man named Dan Reed testified that before police were able find Mobley, Mobley tried to convince his son not to talk to police.

Reed says after the shooting, he and his son were taken in for questioning.

When they were released, Reed says his son got a phone call from Mobley threatening him.

Mobley’s aunt also took the stand on Thursday.

The state says she bought Mobley a hotel room the morning after the deadly shooting, but she says she was unaware of what had happened.

She says she didn’t see a gun on him or any evidence of murder.

Mobley pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Jury selection is underway in the trial against Stephen Mobley.

The 34-year-old is accused of opening fire inside a home on Labor Day in 2016.

Safety has been a big part of the case after those who witnessed what unfolded started receiving death threats, including the woman who survived the shooting.

She has been receiving support through the witness protection program.

Court documents show witnesses told police Mobley got angry when someone got sick in the bathroom after a night of drinking and wanted everyone to leave. That's when they say an argument broke out, and Mobley opened fire killing Jasmine Hines and Rashaud Taylor and injuring another woman.

It will be the job of a Hamilton County jury to listen to the testimony, look at the evidence and decide if Mobley is guilty of opening fire.

He faces life in prison.

This is the third time Mobley has been charged with murder.

He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in a 2005 shooting and was accused of shooting a man to death in 2012, but those charges were dropped after a mistrial from a hung jury.

We'll let you know what happens in this latest case.