Attention cord cutters, there's an app you may not have heard about that offers free movies and TV shows for free.

The app is called “Tubi TV”, a competitor to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other OTT subscription services but with a twist. There's no subscription fee.

Here’s how it works:

Tubi TV has a library of movies and TV shows, some of which Netflix and Amazon customers have to pay for.

Right now, there’s Academy Award-winning “Moonstruck”, “School of Rock” and the animated “Tarzan”.

Actually, it’s a pretty good library of movies and TV shows. Over 7,000 titles from the major studios.

How is it free? How is it legal?

Many shows and movies have advertisements. Commercials placed in about the same spots you’ll see them if you watch the movies on network or cable television.

Video quality is very good, not 4k good but you don’t get that on Netflix and Amazon unless you pay extra. And you don’t have to give them a credit card to watch.

It works on all devices and plays through most streaming set-top boxes and smart TVs. Most of the movies and TV shows you’ve either watched or chose not to see years ago. Still, if you’re looking for a Netflix alternative that doesn’t cost anything and willing to watch unskippable commercials, you’ll want to check it out.