So, you took your phone to the lake or beach or swimming pool and accidentally dropped it in the water. Summer's a bummer.

About 20% of all smartphone 'deaths' are attributed to water damage, with most accidents happening in July.

Should your phone succumb to the depths of a pool, here are several steps you can use to try and resuscitate it:

?Get it out of the water as fast as possible. Each second the phone is wet runs a greater risk at short circuiting it.

? Turn it off. (ditto)

? Take off the case. Your goal is to dry this phone out as quickly as you can.

? Remove headphones or charging plugs

? Shake it, blow air into the earphone and charging jacks. Get out as much water as possible this way.

? Let it air dry by placing it outside, unless it is extremely humid. Do not place it in full sun as it will get too hot.

? If it fell in salty, dirty or something other than water, rinse it off under clean tap water. Be careful not to let water get inside any ports.

? If you bury the phone in a bowl of rice to help soak up water, use instant rice rather than uncooked. Soaking a phone in rice hasn't been proven to help.

? Use couscous instead.

? Instant oatmeal also soaks up water faster than rice. Again, do not let anything like oatmeal dust get inside the ports.

? Do not use instant oatmeal from envelope packages. Most of those are high in sugar or contain maple syrup flavoring.

? Plug the phone into a wall outlet and let it sit for a few days before turning it on.

? Be patient and resist the urge to turn it on. The longer you let it sit the better.

These steps won't help in every incident. If a phone is kept underwater for very long it will never work again. Act quickly to save your phone's life.