Brad said “The bass bit well all night but around 3a.m. we caught the 11 pounder and 4 min later another real big one. The duo said we caught all our fish on a Soddy Custom Tackle spinnerbait”.

Their big bass of 11.29 pounds also becomes the largest bass caught so far in the 2018 C.B.A. events.

Big fish of this event was caught by Chuck and Brad James super beast large mouth weighing 11.29 pounds. Second big bass of the night was caught by Danny Hall weighing 9.46 pounds.

All fish caught in this event were released back into Lake Chickamauga to be caught again and special thanks to the fishermen for taking such extra good care of their catches.

Chattanooga Bass Association President, Jamie Copenhaver, said “Thanks to Truck N Trailer U.S.A.. and all our sponsors for their much appreciated support for this 2018 season”.

The top 6 winners are as follows:

  1. Chuck and Brad James 38.71 lbs. $2000
  2. Keith Ellis and Roger Kendrick .31.48 lbs. $650
  3. Jim Kester Sr and Jr. 26.49 lbs. $450.00
  4. James Talton and Tracy Hardon 25.44lbs., $350
  5. Shawn and Andy Lusk 25.44lbs. $200
  6. Curtis Tally and Arron Taylor 24.40 lbs. $100

The next CBA day event will be held July 14th 2018 out of Chester Frost Park. .

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