Strong storms caused several trees to topple over in the Tennessee Valley over the weekend.

One Cleveland family is cleaning up after a tree fell on their property. Now, they're also trying to figure out how to make sure their home stays safe during a storm.

"It definitely makes me think about the safety with as many trees as we have around our home," homeowner Matthew Krewson said.

Crewson caught the storm on surveillance video. The video shows strong winds and heavy rain, then the power cuts off. When it comes back on, the tree is laying across the yard.

"The force of the wind and everything in the video is just unbelievable," Krewson said.

The tree hit part of his roof, his deck and his neighbor’s detached garage.

The Krewson family was not home when it happened.

"Immediately seen the tree across our property and panicked,” Krewson said. “It's a great sized tree."

There are multiple trees around Krewson’s home. Krewson said he never expected this tree to fall because it's the biggest and healthiest one on his property.

Now, he's thinking about cutting down more.

"Some of my other trees, unfortunately, aren't as healthy,” Krewson said. “I wouldn't want this to happen to them knowing the wind could do this to such a healthy tree."

Even though the cleanup process is a lot of work, he's just happy everyone is ok.

"I'm thankful that we're both able to stay in our homes right now because it didn't really do any damage to the physical homes, just the attachments to the home," Krewson said.