A video is making waves on social media and serving as a warning for parents.

The video shows a 2-year-old boy climbing the outside of a locked pool ladder in Massachusetts. He was able to almost get all the way to the top before his mom took him down. It's a reminder that when it comes to fun in the sun, pool safety can change in the blink of an eye.

“As soon as you hit the water you can start drowning,” said Noah Fager.  

That’s the message local lifeguards want to hit home.

“It is very real; kids will slip underneath the water like that all the time. They do the same exact thing, they try to crawl up the wall and they are reaching, trying to get above the water,” said Fager.

Noah Fager said pool safety is an important conversation to have with your kids before getting into the pool. 

“Little kids think they can swim so they hop in anywhere they want to in the water," he said. "In reality, they hop into the deep end and probably can't swim.”

Teach children water-safety rules and enforce those rules on both your children and any friends they bring to the pool. Enter the pool the proper way. Never run around a pool. And if your child does accidentally slip in the pool tell them to remain calm.

“You don't want to stress yourself out," Fager said. "Sure you want to make motions but you don't want to get so worked up that you don't think you are going to make it.”

And when it comes to water, never leave children alone in or near a pool, even if it's only for a second or two.

“Kids change," Fager said. "Sometimes they can swim one day and the next day they can't.”

According to the Red Cross, more than 200 children drown in swimming pools each year.