A New York man has been charged with sexual battery in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Police Officers were called on a fondling call to the Covenant Transport Hotel on Cummings Highway.

Officers spoke with the victim who said the suspect, Ronald Diaz, “grabbed her and attempted to force himself on her sexually.”

The victim said she was asked to Diaz’s hotel room to discuss a potential job opportunity. While they were talking, Diaz began kissing her and pushed her down on the bed. The woman said Diaz kept repeating, “you are a woman, I am a man,” to which she replied, “no, you’re not, stop!”

Diaz did finally stop and the woman was able to leave the room.

Diaz confirmed to officers that he did hug and kiss the victim during their meeting. He said the woman pushed him away and asked him what he was doing. 

He said they went back to talking for a bit, then he kissed her again and laid her on the bed.

Diaz said none of the physical contact was forceful, and he stopped when he was asked to.

The officer arrested Diaz for sexual battery because Diaz said the woman didn’t consent to his initial physical contact. Diaz’s bond was set at $2,000. His court date is set for July 3.