Carolyn Blackmon has been living in the same home in Summerville for about 40 years. She said Sunday's severe thunderstorm caused the worst storm damage she's ever had.

"Three trees fell. Three of them fell. Big ones, big ones," Blackmon said.

She was in her kitchen late in the afternoon when the storm rolled through Chattooga County. Blackmon saw dark clouds as the storm approached, but she didn't realize how strong the winds were blowing until she heard a loud noise.

"I didn't hear the tree fall, I heard my ceilings fall," Blackmon explained. "My bedrooms' ceilings fell right on the floor. I ran in there and said uh-oh, I know what it is now. Then I came outside."

A large tree in a church yard was uprooted by winds of around 60 miles per hour. It fell across Moore Street and crashed onto Blackmon's house. She was there alone but wasn't hurt. The part of the tree blocking the road was cut away, but some of the tree still lies on the house.

Her daughter's bedroom was damaged more than any other part of the house. Sunlight shines through the punctured roof, and there's wood and insulation spread across the room. The rain continued pouring down after the tree fell, so everything got soaked.

Blackmon says severe storms have caused damage in her neighborhood in the past, but her home had been spared. The odds finally caught up to her.

"Now, one year down the road it happened, but it didn't come no further than right here. It didn't come this far. I guess it was just our time," Blackmon recalled.

She's thankful that she and her daughter are okay and that they can stay with family nearby in the meantime.

"God's good. God's good," Blackmon exclaimed.

However, as power lines get fixed, Blackmon's not sure when her home of four decades will be repaired. She does have insurance to help cover the cost and says she'll patiently wait out the process.

"It's bad. Maybe a month, I don't know. Three to four weeks, I really don't know," Blackmon said.

Blackmon says she'll continue to live with her family in Trion until her home is repaired.