A wrong turn in McMinn County landed two wanted suspects behind bars.

Jennifer Peak, 29, and Larry Trueblood, Jr., 24, were traveling on County Road 464 near Englewood Thursday night when they saw a black truck driving behind them, the McMinn County Sheriff's Office explained.

Peak and Trueblood, who both had numerous active arrest warrants and histories of drug and theft charges, assumed the truck was police and they quickly turned up a long driveway, the sheriff's office explained.

“It’s a pretty common tactic,” Sheriff Joe Guy said. “Sometimes when suspects see a law enforcement vehicle, they will turn into a driveway hoping it will appear they are just residents going home, and hope the officer will just drive on by.”

What the pair didn't know was that the driveway belonged to McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy, and the sheriff was in the truck behind them.

“I was just going home. I watched them turn up my driveway, and of course, I followed them, thinking surely this wasn’t what I thought it was,” Sheriff Guy said. “But sure enough they drove right up to our house. I pulled up behind them and when Trueblood saw me he exited the car ran off into the woods. I took Ms. Peak into custody and radioed for some additional officers."

Trueblood was taken into custody around six hours later. Facebook tips led officers with McMinn, Monroe and Madisonville law enforcement agencies to Trueblood. He was arrested just inside Monroe County. A stolen truck was also located.

Trueblood and Peak both face numerous warrants and charges in McMinn and Monroe Counties.

“It was definitely a wrong turn,” added the Sheriff.