UPDATE: Storm damage Sunday spanned from Tennessee to Georgia.

In Cleveland, one family fights a battle every day with their son who was born with a brain injury. Now, cleanup is underway after a tree fell on their home.

The tree that fell on the family of five's home off Woodbine Circle Northwest was a massive oak five feet wide at the base and 90 to 100 feet tall.

The home repairs have been expedited.

Misty Griffis, her husband and three young children were home when the storm hit Sunday afternoon.

"It was like, a hurricane was coming," Griffis explained. "Literally, the wind was blowing and the rain was blowing sideways. Trees were blowing."

Griffis described the tree falling as a dynamite going off. Cracks are in the ceiling. Beams are damaged and sloping is evident in the formal dining room. And the chimney is destroyed.

The 1960's home had brick damage where the chimney originally was, but the reason they must stay here is their six-year-old son, Jax, who has cerebral palsy.

Griffis told Channel 3 they've already been in the process of raising funds with a GoFundMe page to help get him the mobility he needs in his home. She said that project is on the back burner.

"We won't even know, how much damage is up there. The tarp is basically up there just to keep any other rain from falling into the house," Griffis added.

The contractor, Jeff Crittenden, told Channel 3 they will be here all night until repairs have been made so the family can safely stay at the home Monday night. Crittenden estimates repairs to cost between $17,000 and $19,000.

The family said they have homeowners insurance, but there's more needed for Jax. The money from the GoFundMe page will go towards moving his door so it's directly across from his bathroom. A track on the ceiling will be put in place that will allow him to be easier to move.

The family eventually wants a track that will go into the living room. Griffis said it's expensive though. Each curve in the track costs approximately $800.

 The GoFundMe page is called Determined Hope. Since January 1, they have raised $650.00. 

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PREVIOUS STORY: A tree fell on a home in Cleveland Sunday afternoon.

The Cleveland Fire Department responded to the home on Woodbine Circle Northwest around 4:45 pm.

A fire department spokesperson told Channel 3 that the tree was knocked over during a storm. It fell on the back of a home causing minor damage to the roof. It also caused a small amount of cosmetic damage inside the home.

No injuries were reported.