Thursday night, there were several changes to city leadership in Whitwell.

The city manager has resigned and an interim police chief is now on patrol.

Two weeks ago, the police chief quit after a disagreement with the city manager.

Community members were concerned about the safety of Whitwell because of a lack of police presence.

The former police chief Kenneth Seagraves quit on May 31, without notice and some police officers under his leadership walked off the job too.

“We're going to start all over with our police department and build it back up and hopefully everything will work out,” says Commissioner Terry Parker.

Officer Jarred Dishman was named interim police chief and says the department is going to make strides to protect taxpayers.

Dishman says four officers are on duty right now but two positions still need to be filled.

“We want the great officers for this community,” Chief Dishman says. “We have been playing catch-up in this community for so long it's about time to start moving forward because the taxpayers deserve that.”

Dishman was surprised to hear his name announced as the new interim police chief but he says he has a plan to bring the department back up.

“Keep community oriented policing,” Dishman says. “We have to be seen; we need to be driving through the neighborhoods and that's what I've done on night shift for a very long time.”

Commissioner Terry Parker was vocal about keeping the community safe and removing the city manager, Todd Mistrot.

The interim city manager will be Jim Troyer.

Parker says things for the city of Whitwell are looking up.

“It's going to take some work,” Parker says. “It didn't break overnight and it's not going to get fixed overnight.”

“It's just a matter of getting everybody to jump in,” adds Parker.

At this time, it's unclear how long the interim police chief and interim city manager will be in place but the job openings will be posted soon.

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