A Chattanooga woman was arrested during a traffic stop on a warrant for willful abuse or neglect of an impaired adult.

In 2016, officers found the disabled adult the suspect, Erica Watson, 55, was caring for neglected, according to the affidavit of complaint. The female victim was found on the floor of her home on Mary Walker Place. She had roaches crawling on her body.

The victim, who is bedridden, had fallen injuring her knee, the report explained. Officers do not know how long the victim was left unattended or how she fell.

Officers said the home the victim was living in was "unsanitary and unliveable." The home smelled of urine and there was trash throughout. The area where the woman was sleeping was extremely soiled.

Police contacted Watson at work.  They said, "[Watson] was indifferent about leaving work to look after her grandson who was also at the Mary Walker address."

The officer notified Code Enforcement of the situation. They inspected the home and condemned it.

Watson was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Hamilton County Jail. Her next court date is scheduled for July 3.