The party is now over at Bonnaroo, and you might be surprised to learn thousands of items are left behind at the festival.

A Chattanooga group brought lots of stuff that you can get your hands on for a decent price. The Gear Closet brought a truckload full of items from Bonnaroo to Chattanooga. You name it, this yard sale has it.

"For me is the grill, it's like almost untouched; I think it was used once, it's like brand new basically,"Pascale Lubee said while shopping at yard sale.

A treasure trove of belongings left behind by festival goers at Bonnaroo.

"I'm more impressed by the kind of things here, like a full couch and kiddie pools," Lubee said. "Who packs these things?" 

And some unordinary finds, that have some scratching their heads.

"Just a minute ago, I saw some drug test kits over there on the table," shopper Michael Monroe said.

"There's a banana over there, a Wonder Woman banana, so that's interesting," shopper Stephanie Cook told Channel 3.

Since Monday, volunteers have cleaned up after 60,000 Bonnaroo attendees in Manchester, Tennessee.

Sorting through more than 500-tons of trash to find some treasures.

"We try and help them get the reusable stuff not to go into the landfill," Mary Beth Sutton, of The Gear Closet, said.

The Gear Closet uses the proceeds to protect and preserve water in the Chattanooga region. It's good for the environment and an even better deal for bargain hunters.

"The deals are unbeatable, to be honest," Monroe said. "It's probably the best thrift event in Chattanooga."

As to why people leave their ''treasures'' behind? Many have their opinions. Maybe they had a flight to catch, or maybe they were in another state of mind?

As they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure, unless it's a used couch.

"Like a soft suede couch, it looks like it has cigarette burns in it and who knows how much sweat," Lubee said.

Last year, 111 tons of items went to Westrock Recycling in Chattanooga, 18 tons of scrap metal was hauled to an iron and metal company and four tons was processed and turned into biodiesel.

The Gear Closet is open from noon until 6:00 pm Tuesday through Friday. They still have plenty of items left. All the money goes to support local environmental programs like the Student Environmental Alliance.