A Mississippi mother, Jessica Griffin, said her otherwise healthy 5-year-old daughter, Kailyn, woke up one morning barely able to walk or talk.

Griffin had no clue what was wrong until she noticed a tick on her daughter’s scalp. After being rushed to the hospital, Kailyn was diagnosed with “tick paralysis.”

Doctors said this condition is extremely rare and occurs when the tick sucks up so much blood that it grows in size and releases a toxin.

Symptoms of the paralysis generally start in the legs and progress up the body. They usually develop a week after a tick first attaches itself to a person’s scalp or neck. It can develop into an extremely serious condition. However, doctors also say patients generally recover quickly after the tick is removed. Thankfully, this was the case for Kailyn, who has made a full recovery from her condition.

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For more information about this rare condition, visit the American Lyme Disease Foundation's website