A TVA employee wants to thank his co-workers and the first responders who came to his aid when he suffered cardiac arrest.

On March 22, Allen Hartley, 49, fell ill with cardiac arrest, the Chattanooga Fire Department explained.

Hartley's coworkers began administering CPR and called 911. 

When Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Russell arrived on the scene, he took over administering CPR.

Chattanooga Firefighters then came and administered an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to try to bring Hartley's pulse back. They succeeded, and Hamilton County EMS paramedics rushed him to an area hospital.

CFD said, "Mr. Hartley was so thankful for the aid he received from his co-workers and first responders, that he asked if he could meet them all and thank them personally."

Wednesday, June 13, Hartley thanked all those who helped save his life.

"[He] told them that God had all the right people in place the day he needed their help," a CFD spokesperson said.

Hartley said his co-workers and the first responders are the reason he is alive and doing well now.