UPDATE: Monday’s storm hit a family already living through storms.

The family is already dealing with cancer and loss. Now, they are without a home. Two falling trees destroyed part of their home on Chamber Street in Rossville.

Casey Edwards says she was at work when it happened. She was shocked when she got home, but relieved that her 65-year-old stepdad and 13-year-old son made it out without a scratch.

Scattered tree limbs, power lines, and a crumbling roof: it's not what Edwards says she was expecting when Monday's storm made its way through Rossville. Overwhelmed by the damage, Edwards asked us not to show her face on camera.

“How am going to get it fixed with his [my stepdad’s] chemo treatments and taking care of my son, me being a single mother and still trying to work? I'm just trying to absorb it all,” said Edwards.

When the storm hit, two trees in the front yard fell over onto the roof. A van parked in the driveway was also damaged. Edwards says her son was sleeping in his bedroom. Her stepdad was in another room.

“He thought a tornado came through the middle of the house. His bed is soaking wet. It's probably ankle deep of water in his bedroom,” said Edwards. “They're just glad to be okay. They were able to walk out.”

Edwards says her neighbors immediately rushed over to help.

“To pull up and see the neighbors already out here working when you get home from work was more heartwarming than anything. They went and bought a car cover to put over my van to keep the rain from out of it. They went and bought working gloves for us all; something to drink. There's still truly good people left in the world.”

While the sight is hard to take in, Edwards says she's trying to stay positive.

“I was always told that we're not put through anything that we’re not strong enough to handle and the Lord will help us get through anything, just have to believe.”

Edwards says she's hoping to rebuild her family's home. In the meantime, she says she's relying on the Red Cross to help them find somewhere to stay.

PREVIOUS STORY: Two trees have fallen on a home in Walker County, following the severe weather on Monday afternoon.

It happened on Chambers Street just before 5:00 p.m.

Sheriff Steve Wilson tells Channel 3, a 65-year-old cancer patient and his grandson were inside the home when the trees fell.

No one was injured.

Sheriff Wilson says the home is heavily damaged, especially on the front porch and front left corner of the home.

The Sheriff says both trees are about 100 years old. He says several trees fell on Chambers Street, but no other homes were damaged.

The Red Cross has responded to help the victims.

Channel 3 has a crew working to learn more.

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