Chattanooga police arrested three men on drug and weapons charges.

Police say 25-year-old Julian Alexander, 31-year-old Jawara Doster, and 27-year-old Chaise Alexander were arrested on May 17 and charged with Possessing a Firearm with Intent to go Armed, Possession of a Handgun while under the Influence, and Drugs for Resale.

Police say the three men were acting suspiciously while sitting in a car at a Shell gas station on Wilcox Boulevard for an unusual amount of time.

When officers approached the vehicle, the men claimed to be selling perfume and sunglasses from their rental car.

Police say they found a pistol and a bag of marijuana in the passenger seat while talking to the men.

Police found two more guns, two additional bags of marijuana and cash during a search of the car.

The Chattanooga Police Department seized a total of 115 firearms in May of this year. 

All three men are scheduled to appear in court on July 18.

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