Kids young and old love to color and they love to play games on smartphones and iPads. So that makes Pigment a treat.

It's an old-school coloring book app. Yes, these are popular these days and perfect for long road trips. Pigment may be the best of the bunch because it's as simple or challenging as you want it to be. Using your finger, you can choose from hundreds of colors. You can also choose to paint with a number of different formats. Pencil, airbrush, oils and pastels.

Select from dozens of pages and you're ready to color. Make it easy by choosing to use paint which fills in the spaces with the touch of your finger. Or choose to color but let the app keep things inside the lines, or do it the old fashioned way, which is a lot more challenging.

There are choices of books to download, like this one of superheroes from Marvel.
Just look at some of the work from artists who've uploaded their creations. That's a lot of detail. Use your finger, or a stylus to give you that real-life coloring experience.

Pigment is a free app, for iPhones and Android devices but is much easier to use on an iPad with a stylus. It does require a subscription of $4 a week. There is a free 7 day trial.

Kids in the backseat will enjoy it, and mom and dad in the passenger seat may want to use it to relieve stress.